05 Aug 2020


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



Agile, Lean & Design walk into a bar…

Koren, founder of Agilitysmith in Ireland, will spend a few minutes telling you a bit about Agile, a success stories when combined with Design Sprints, then we will dive straight into practicing and experiencing what it’s like within an Agile team. You will have a bit of fun and come away with a taste of Agile and a new way of looking at Design Thinking within an Agile context.

Koren Stark is passionate about Agile-Lean with Design Thinking methods, merging these throughout Agilitysmith offerings to guide organisations on their business agility path through teaching, facilitation, coaching and consulting. She has 30+ year multinational experience in many sectors and from start-ups to Fortune 500’s seeking to disrupt their markets with new technology. Her journey with Agile-Lean started in 2007 at Microsoft headquarters, and with design thinking and design sprints in 2014 at CapitalOne Investing in Seattle. Weaving all three of these mindsets and practices together has a transformative impact as demonstrated within several teams, forward looking organisations and their customers. And even within her own life!

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