23 - 25 Oct 2019


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Lean Startup Conference

Rohan and Raomal will be attending this event!

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Break Down Your Organization’s Unique Challenges

The Lean Startup Conference began as a place for startups and entrepreneurs to learn how to turn an idea into a reality. The event has evolved to also provide substance and support for senior leaders, change-agents, and founders who need to start working in new ways. In effect, the conference sessions are uniquely suited for several scenarios:

  • Early-stage startup founders seeking the best practices of entrepreneurship
  • Venture-backed founders looking for practical techniques to get the most out of fast-growing teams
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs wondering how to achieve product/market fit
  • Senior leaders and project teams within large, complex organizations wanting to build a culture and framework for innovation
  • Non-profit leaders hoping to learn how Lean Startup applies to the unique needs of mission-driven organizations
  • Small business owners looking to jumpstart growth

Build, Measure, and Learn with the Experts

Over the course of three days, you’ll rub elbows with world-class speakers and influential leaders. You’ll walk away with insights and lessons from:

  • Expert faculty
  • Lean Startup practitioners
  • Transformational founders
  • Established enterprises
  • Tech titans
  • The next generation of Silicon Valley upstarts

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