25 Jun 2019


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Prototyping in a Design Sprint

Learn how to create a Digital prototype without any previous Design skills!!

In a Design Sprint, prototyping day is Thursday. This is where you will create a testable prototype for Friday’s user tests.

Thursday is about illusion. You’ve got an idea for a great solution. Instead of taking weeks, months or, heck, even years building that solution, you’re going to fake it. In one day, you’ll make a prototype that appears real. And on Friday your customers will forget their surroundings and just react!

Prototypes are easier to build then you think. These days, thanks to the internet, there are a crazy amount of easy to use prototyping tools available. Most of them free! In this session, we will show you some of the tools that we use when prototyping and share our experiences of prototyping best practices.

Daniel, Lily and Rohan will be bringing you through everything you need to know about prototyping in a Design Sprint e.g the types of prototypes you can create for your Design Sprint, how to use digital prototyping tools and giving you expert advice and tips on how to best create a story for your prototype.

The prototype mindset:
1. You can prototype anything
2. Prototypes are disposable
3. Build just enough to learn, but not more
4. The prototype must appear real

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