27 May 2020


9:30 am - 3:30 pm

REMOTE How to Scope and Plan a Project in a Day

Scope your project, estimate it accurately, build the plan and get it started – all in a day

Scoping & Planning a Project in a Day takes you through project scoping, accurate estimation of your project, risk analysis, and project launch – all carried out in a single day. Save time, effort, resources, money and gain a competitive advantage.

Learn how to carry out this process from its creator, Fergus O’Connell.

We will be using remote working tools to conduct this workshop. Each attendee will be given all the templates needed to run their own in-house session.


Learn the technique by applying it to a project of your own – no pre-packaged case study or playing games with Lego blocks.

Companies who have used this technique include but not limited to:

Lean Disruptor Project Management companies

About Fergus O’Connell:
Fergus is one of the world’s leading authorities on project management. His two companies – ETP ( and Fast Projects (, and his project management method – The Ten Steps – have influenced a generation of project managers. In 2003, the Fast Projects method was used to plan and execute the Special Olympics World Games, the world’s biggest sporting event that year.

About Lean Disruptor:
Lean Disruptor (LD) team has experience in building businesses having taken a company from startup to IPO on NASDAQ. We facilitate corporates to take their ideas and turn them into successful businesses and help companies develop new business models and identify growth opportunities using the Lean Disruptor framework for growth.

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