02 Sep 2020


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



Transforming your business through User Testing

Did you know that for every €1 invested into a good experience for your customers, there is €100 return on investment?

User Testing offers many benefits to businesses. But now more than ever it is vital to your business to have a competitive edge, with technology and digital experiences advancing so rapidly.

The first step to improve the User Experience (and reaping the business benefits) is to conduct a usability test of your website, application or product with your users. This process uncovers the most common problems. Often, usage analytics only indicate what issues exist with your product. Usability testing explains why these issues are happening.

In this webinar, Lisa will show how to test your digital product effectively and how to ask the right questions to receive clear insights into the customer’s needs and frustrations. Lisa will discuss how to save money on developer costs by testing and learning early in the design phase. With fewer opportunities for direct face-to-face testing lately in this current restrictive environment, user testing tools for remote and virtual settings have become more frequently used. She will discuss what remote testing tools are available and how to set yourself up for a successful session with your users so that you can test and learn early and often.

Feel free to send your questions in advance of the session as we have a questions & answers session at the end. Email your questions to:

Attendees will also be in with a chance to win a 1 hour One to One Coaching session with Lisa so booking early is advised.

About the speaker:
Lisa Reburn is the Founder & Managing Director of UX Effect. UX Effect is the go-to company for training business professionals to help them create enjoyable user-friendly digital experiences. She is a User Experience Researcher & Designer based in Ireland. Lisa has worked as the Lead Designer on multiple award-winning Business to Business and E-Commerce websites for various industries, including Aviation, Human Resources, Food, Retail, Higher Education and others. She has also lectured in the area of Digital Design. Lisa believes every person in the business has a role in making the customer’s experience the best it can possibly. Once you care about the customer’s needs, everything else will follow.

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